School Improvement Plan 2015-2016

The school improvement team (SIT), leads the school community in making the school a positive place in which teaching and learning can thrive.   It is a group of people who reflect the diversity of the school community who work in conjunction with the school administration to develop comprehensive plans for each school.



School Improvement Plan



Lake Elkhorn MS VISION and MISSION


Vision: Lake Elkhorn Middle School students are inspired to persevere and empowered to reach their full potential

Mission: As a community school, Lake Elkhorn Middle School provides a supportive learning environment, builds positive relationships, and engages students in rigorous instruction to ensure college and career readiness.



·       Use multiple measures and collaborate with staff to identify students demonstrating readiness for acceleration with appropriate support

·       Collaborate with feeder schools to identify students demonstrating advanced ability

·       Utilize learning walks to observe rigorous instruction and effective questioning and discussion techniques

·       Collaborate with all stakeholders to begin to develop a deep understanding of Growth Mindset


·       Identify students (rising stars) for intervention and acceleration using grade level diagnostic tests and observations

·       Collaborate to develop high quality common assessments aligning to content standards

·       Provide professional development on effective teaching


·       Utilize bi-monthly advisory sessions for goal setting, organization and relationship building

·       Increase use of community circles to enhance instruction and increase student support

·       Stagger bell schedule to reduce congestion during hallway transitions

·       Increase presence in hallways by school staff

·       Utilize positive office referrals to highlight student demonstration of PRIDE


·       Begin to use individualized strengths to enhance collaboration and overall school performance

·       Conduct advisory meetings to help students be more prepared for class

·       Reinstate bells to assist with class transitions

·       Implement more structure during recess time

·       Strategic teacher/administrator placement in hallway between classes

·       Provide differentiated professional learning through LEMS University


HCPSS Vision and Mission 

Vision 2018: Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel.

Mission: We cultivate a vibrant learning community that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world.



·       Students (Goal 1): Every student achieves academic excellence in an inspiring, engaging, and supportive environment.

·       Staff (Goal 2): Every staff member is engaged, supported, and successful.

·       Families and the Community (Goal 3): Families and the community are engaged and supported as partners in education.

·       Organization (Goal 4): Schools are supported by world-class organizational practices.

Areas For Focused improvement

·       Rigor Target: Increase the percentage of students accessing above grade level and GT instruction by 3-5% in both math and ELA.

·       Performance Target: Increase the percentage of students meeting the MAP benchmark for college and career readiness by 3-5% in both math and ELA.

·       Student Engagement Target: The Gallup Student Engagement Survey will improve by .2 points.  Specific focus will be applied to Q2: I feel safe in this school.

·       Staff Engagement Target: The Gallup Staff Engagement Survey will improve by .1 points.  Specific focus will be applied to Q3: At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.