About Us

Pictured left to right: Mark Murray, Martin Vandenberge, Kevin Dorsey, and Tiffany Carmean

Martin Vandenberge

Martin Vandenberge Principal Martin_Vandenberge@hcpss.org

Mark Murray

Mark Murray Assistant Principal Mark_Murray@hcpss.org

Tiffany Carmean

Tiffany Carmean Assistant Principal Tiffany_Carmean@hcpss.org

Kevin Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey Assistant Principal Kevin_Dorsey@hcpss.org

School Overview


Lake Elkhorn Middle School students are inspired to persevere and empowered to reach their full potential.


As a community school, Lake Elkhorn Middle provides a supportive learning environment, builds positive relationships, and engages students in rigorous instruction to ensure college and career readiness.

Board of Education Representative

Howard County public schools are divided into school clusters, which are assigned to individual Board members to facilitate school visitations, attend special events, and provide a point of contact for each school community. View all BOE school cluster assignments.

LEMS BOE Representative: Bess Altwerger, Ed.D.