Enrichment Seminars

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 10:09am

The Enrichment Seminars are now being offered to all interested students.  Any student who is interested can get a form from Mr. Bond and get it signed by a parent.  When they turn in the form they can begin in the Seminar.  The Seminars should begin in early October.  If you have any questions, please let Mr. Bond know at david_bond@hcpss.org 

Please download an interest form here: Fileseminar info sheet2018.docx

This is a summary list of the Enrichment Seminars that will be offered this year.  Students have the opportunity to show interest in any of the seminars.


African American History

This seminar is designed to integrate African American History with the history, development, and practice of oratory and declamation. Through participation in this seminar, you will have an opportunity to develop an understanding of the American experience through the use of primary documents and speeches and will be expected to apply the tools of the historian, including historical reading skills and historical thinking skills. You will also utilize research skills to investigate the various historical time periods in order to understand the global perspective and influences of the time period. Throughout the seminar, you will develop your public speaking skills through participation in seminar activities and the delivery of historical speeches.


Book Club:

The Middle School Book Club, organized and led by advanced-level readers, is an intellectual collaboration where passionate readers engage in meaningful discussions of a literary work, strengthen critical reading and leadership skills, hear insightful peer perspectives, and have fun.

The Middle School Book Club is actually composed of two related activities: 1) The school-based Middle School Book Club and 2) the countywide Middle School Book Club.



The Debate Instructional Seminar motivates a group of students to engage in meaningful, persuasive discourse about contemporary issues, thereby strengthening their leadership, critical thinking, and presentation skills.  Students use research skills to develop logical arguments supported with evidence to be applied to debates following a prescribed format.  In addition, the Debate Instructional Seminar prepares participating students for high school, and potentially collegiate, Debate Teams in later years.


Green Team:

The Green Team Enrichment Seminar group will continue the goal to make Lake Elkhorn a more “green” school. Students in the seminar will work to create leadership and organizational skills by collecting the recycle bins from the classrooms, working to educate the students and community about recycling. We will also continue our work with the PepsiCo Recycling initiative, a national program that tracks our collection of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.


Mystery Club

The Mystery Club Enrichment Seminar group will be working with many types of mysteries to further develop their creative problem solving skills. Students will explore many types of puzzles, mysteries and mystery solving situations to help them process information to help find solutions. Then students will participate in roll playing situations that work with mysteries.  The year will end with the creating of our own roll plays to present to an audience. 



This seminar is designed to explore the art of visual imagery through photography. Through this seminar, students will complete hands-on visual exercises in which they weave 21st century technology skills with art and the creative process. Students will learn how to effectively use digital media to tell a story, elicit a reaction, or communicate an idea. Students will explore composition, lighting techniques, editing, and presentation. In this seminar, students will enhance their visual literacy and writing skills while creating original products.


Science Olympiad

The Maryland Science Olympiad is a "hands-on" K-12 science program including rigorous academic interscholastic tournaments. Scientists and engineers from Maryland corporations, organizations, and universities collaborate with K-12 science teachers to oversee the 24 teamwork oriented tournament events. Tournament events are well-balanced between life science, earth & space science, chemistry, physics, technology, and inquiry. Competitive opportunities include Invitational, Regional, and State tournaments.  


Television Production

As members of the television production team, students create a daily, live television broadcast utilizing highly developed skills in journalism and technology. Anchors emulate professional public speakers as they develop skills in clarity, enunciation, poise, eye contact, and vocal expression.  Crewmembers utilize technology, such as cameras, mixers, soundboards, and computers, to maximize the effectiveness of the broadcast for a student audience. 


Independent Productions

This seminar is for students who have a passion for a topic or idea that is not associated with other Enrichment Seminars.  This is where a student can follow through on learning about a topic, finding an authentic audience and creating a product