American University Field Trip

Thu, 01/07/2016 - 8:17am

On Friday February 19th, the Movie Making Enrichment Seminars students went on a field trip to American University.  

While on the trip the students met with film students from the University to plan and start their movies for the environmental film festival. The film student broke the Lake Elkhorn students into groups, depending on where they are in their projects. Each of the two students took time to meet with the groups and discuss the progress they were making towards getting their films to the festival. They also used to very short films to show students some ideas about camera shots and how to use wide and close up shots in their movies. Each of the groups of students had more than an hour and a half to work on their projects.  After the students worked in the lab, they then had a very quick tour and were then able to have lunch in the cafeteria. They students really liked being able to eat in the college atmosphere and experience some of the freedoms they will have in college (like all you can eat lunches).  This was a great experience for the students from Lake Elkhorn, with the American University students providing wonderful feedback to assist their getting ready for the Festival.

The Environmental Film Festival is on April 21st. Eligible students will be going to the AFI Theater in Silver Spring to watch student made movies on the big screen.  Each school that attends has ten minutes to show movies that they have made at their schools.