7th Grade Field Trip

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 11:53am

On December 11th our 7th grade Lake Elkhorn Middle schoolers went back in time to the Medieval Times.  Medieval times was a fun learning experience for our 7th graders. They got to enjoy watching knights fighting, horse shows, and watching their knight fight for glory. Our students got to dine great food and used their bare hands just like in the actual medieval times. Makayla says,  “ It was my second time going, but it was so much more fun with my classmates. Also the food was so delicious and great ”.


Located at the Arundel Mills our students got into a bus to go and learn at Medieval times. They screamed and smiled at the great performance that was shown and munched on their mouthwatering food. This experience showed our 7th graders how people in the medieval times played games and what materials they used to create their armour and weapons. Medieval times was a fun time for our 7th graders so it would be even more fun fun for the family.