Meet Mr. Yerashunas

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 10:21am

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An Interview with Mr. Yerashunas

By: Temi

October 2015


I interviewed 6th grade math teacher, Mr. Yerashunas. It is his first year teaching.


SN: How is teaching going so far?

Mr. Y: It’s going pretty well. Well, it’s a different experience for me. I have a lot to grade, which takes time.


SN: What do you like about teaching?

Mr. Y: I like being surprised, every day I may not know what I’m getting into. It’s a diverse experience for me, teaching students and getting to know them.


SN: What teachers do you work well with?

Mr. Y: I tend to work well with other math and science teachers here, because we all teach the same concepts. It’s easier to share your ideas with teachers who teach the same concepts as you. But really, I work well with all teachers.


SN: What was your second major in college, if you had one?

Mr. Y: I didn’t have a second major in college. I didn’t double major.


SN: Is teaching what you expected?

Mr. Y: Yes and no. I knew teaching would be time consuming, with grading and everything. But sometimes what I plan doesn’t work out.



SN: Do your classes behave well?

Mr. Y: Mostly yes. But sometimes, they’re a little chatty.



SN: Name three words that describe you.

Mr. Y: Outgoing, “Funny”, and Hardworking.


SN: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Mr. Y: I think I’ll still be a teacher, maybe I’ll move up to high school.



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