Green Team

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 11:14am

This is provided by School News Enrichment Seminar

Green Team


This year at Lake Elkhorn Middle School we trying to become more “green”.  Continuing what was started last year The Green Team Enrichment Seminar is meeting on every Wednesday. We are doing a Recycle Rally for Pepsico. We collect all of the recycling bins from all over the school. We are making short commercials to put on the morning announcements. We are also making posters and other fun ideas.


Our main purpose is to collect plastic bottles and soda cans for the “Pepsi-Co Recycle Rally”.  Our goal is to make our school greener.  This year we are trying collect 11000 water bottles and soda cans this year.  We try to make sure that no unwanted foods or trash end up inside of the recycling bins.  Please put ALL of your trash in the trash can not in the recycling bin.  Look in the cafeteria or Mr.Bond's room to see what or what not to recycle.


We hope that all of you help keep trash and food out of our recycling bins.

Thank You!!


Written by: Makayla D. and Loren C.