Enrichment Seminars

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 9:42am

Lake Elkhorn Middle School has many engaging seminars to offer. The seminars are offered by Mr.Bond who runs the GT programing in our school building. There are many fun seminars in place such as Mystery club, Actors guild, TV production, and School news just to name a few.


Mystery club is all about strategic and quick thinking to solve crimes, puzzles and riddles.  During the 2014-2015 school year mystery club was a half year seminar and the participants in it featured in a roleplay that was led by Mr.Bond. The mysteries are always fun and everyone usually always has a great time.


Actors guild is a club that meets on most Thursdays. Each month we work on a new scene from a Shakespeare play and end the month with a showcase of outfits to maybe present our plays in. This is also run by Ms.Smart as well as Mr.Bond. We start off doing a warm-up of some kind before starting the official day's activities.


TV production runs basically the school. They run, create and make the morning news as well as the scroll we look at to find out any important information  throughout the day. We have four groups in the studio. Anchors, those are the only people you actually see in the morning; then say everything in the live announcements. Sound tech, those students run what you can hear in the announcements like the music before the school day starts and the  anchors during the announcements. Computer, these people fill out and switch all the sides like Weird Fact of the Day and Today in History. Lastly, Mixer/Tricaster, these are the people switch between the anchors, slides and guests.


Movie production participates in the environmental film festival in April. They create scripts and movies about lyrics from a song written by a student and then go to script, create, make and present their own movie. These take place on Monday for 7th and 8th grade and Wednesday for 6th grade.    


Robotics work with robots. They learn to program robots to make their own lego robot. They hope later in the year to compete with another school. Robotics meets on Tuesdays.


Debate has the goal of participating in the county wide debate. The 2015-2016 county wide debate is debating about if only military should be allowed to use drones. Debate meets on Tuesdays every week.


Green team makes the school greener by collecting all the recyclables. They take one period of the day every Wednesday to collect all the recycling from  every classroom in the school. Remember to recycle. Please.


Web design creates, modifies and designs the school website to make it look clean, collected and nice. They work physically on the webpage and meet every Wednesday.


Creative Writing is a class period to just write, as most students don't really have time to write. You would get a lesson at the beginning of the seminar and then you write for the rest of the period. They meet every Thursday.


6th graders can pick up to two seminars, 7th graders can pick up to three seminars, and 8th graders can pick up to four seminars. Choose wisely!