LEMS at Science Olympiad

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 9:53pm

LEMS Science Olympiad Team

The LEMS Science Olympiad Team competed in the Maryland Regional Tournament at Montgomery College on February 23rd. 12 students from LEMS went to compete in 24 different events that all occurred in one day. All of the competitions had two students involved at the same time. Most of the students on the team were involved in at least four events, if not more. There were a total of 42 teams competing and those teams were broken up into two different divisions.


The LEMS team was able to place in 11 events, within their division.

The team earned 6th place in Mystery Archetecture, Thermodynamics and Battery Buggy.

5th place in Road Scholar and Crime Busters,

3rd place in Roller Coaster and Aerial Scrambler,

2nd place in Circuit Lab and Water Quality,

1st place in Fossils and Game On.


When the scores of all the teams were mixed, we earned 1st place in Game On and 2nd place in Circuit Lab. That is very impressive considering that is out of all 42 teams that competed that day. We are very proud of the students on the Science Olympiad Team and all the hard work they did to prepare for this competition.


The team earned a 7th place finish in Division A. There were 15 teams selected to attend the state competition at Johns Hopkins on March 30th. The divisions were mixed to determine the state finalists and we fell just short. We will work again next year to see if we can make it to the state meet. The competition is very intense and we are very pleased with how well the team did as they represented our school at a high level competition like the Maryland Science Olympiad.