8th Grade End of the year information

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 10:16am

We are excited to share with you some of our 8th grade events that will occur throughout the remainder of the year. We would love for all students to be able to participate in such events. In order to properly prepare students for high school, the 8th grade team strongly holds students to these high expectations as we wish for them to be successful in high school and beyond. Today, your student participated in a Town Hall Meeting to review these expectations as they are defined below:


Expectations to Participate in End of Year Events:

  • Hallway Behavior: Students need to keep it moving in the hallways (no loitering); use appropriate language; walk; keep all hands and feet to themselves.
  • Tardiness: 8th graders are expected to be in their class and ready to learn at the bell. All 8th grade teachers will be recording tardies in a communal document. Excessive tardiness is not acceptable.
  • Office Referrals: Students who earn 2 or more office referrals from now until the end of the year may not be able to participate in end of the year events.
  • Class cutting: Students are expected to be in class and stay in class. Students must have permission to leave any classroom and must obtain a pass.
  • PRIDE: Students must show PRIDE each day, in every part of the building.


Failure to adhere to the expectations above may result in a student being unable to attend or participate in the end of the year Six Flags trip and/or the Promotion Ceremony.


Please see the reverse side of this letter to see details of all of our upcoming events. Return the attached “Commitment to Success” signature page by May 25, 2018. Failure to return the “Commitment to Success” could result in exclusion from the Six Flags trip or a withholding of tickets for the Promotion Ceremony.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our 8th grade administrator, Mr. Kevin Dorsey (kevin_dorsey@hcpss.org; 410-313-7600) or our 8th grade team leader, Mrs. Rachel Hess (Rachel_hess@hcpss.org; 410 – 313 – 7600)


Thank you for your support in the success of the LEMS 8th Grade students.




The 8th Grade Team





Schedule of Upcoming Events


High School Visits (June 6) *Required trip* - Students will visit the high school they are assigned to in the morning and will return by lunch time. Permission slips are forthcoming. (This activity is mandatory – participation in this trip will not be withheld from any student if expectations are not met).


8th Grade Trip to Six Flags (June 7) - $54 (includes bus and lunch). Students will leave at 9AM and return by 5PM. Please contact Ms. Erica Waters (erica_waters@hcpss.org) if you would like to chaperone!


8th Grade Completion Ceremony (June 14 – CHANGE IN DATE due to the change in the end of the school year) - Hammond High School @ 6:30 pm.