Symphonic Orchestra is going to States!!

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 2:32pm

The symphonic orchestra performed on March 5, and the concert orchestra performed on March 7 at Reservoir High School.


The concert orchestra performed “Finlandia” as a warm-up, and their two adjudicated pieces were “Intensity” and “Fanfare and Celebration”. The concert orchestra performed at 4:30. The clinic with one of the judges was at 4:55. The judge advised the concert orchestra on how to correct mistakes, and how to achieve the sound the judges were looking for. The concert orchestra watched another 6th grade orchestra play.


The symphonic orchestra played “Fanfare of Strings” first for their warm-up. Their first tested piece was called “Overlords”. Their second piece was called “New World Symphony”. Finally, they sight read a piece. Overall, they got a superior (#1) rating from two judges. The other one gave an excellent (#2). So the symphonic orchestra played amazingly! This means that the symphonic orchestra will go to state assessments. The symphonic orchestra also watched other 7th graders from other schools play. Good luck to those going to states!