The Trout are back at Lake Elkhorn

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 1:40pm

The students created a power point on the stages of trout, click below to view it.

FileInformational Trout Slide.pptx


At Lake Elkhorn, the trout are returning again this year.  The school is once again participating in the Maryland Trout in the Classroom program.  The program helps the students to hatch trout eggs and help raise them to the fingerling stage, which is when they will be released.  Last year the students released the trout into Lake Elkhorn.  They are hoping to release them into the same location this year.  This program helps students to understand how the life cycle of fish works and also helps for them to understand how difficult it is to maintain healthy fish.  The program culminates with the trout release and the students get to work with fly casting and learning about other organisms that live in local waters.  

The eggs were delievered on December 8th.  That way the trout can hatch and moving into their early life alevin stage and they spent the time during winter break absorbing their eggs sac and required minimal care and no feeding.  Now the trout are swimming free in thier large tank and enjoying having the space to move around and grow into the fingerling stange.